Give This Link to New Callers  (This Script Site)

Intro; Hello is this …… Hello …..  

I am returning your call on the  Increasing Residual Income ad that I sent you

My name is ……

I am an affiliate with Global Domains International.  We are a work at home Network Marketing Company and we have a tremendous opportunity for Referral Agents.

Are You in front of your computer?  I would like for you to go to to read this script along with me. This is the script that all of our Referral Agents in this downline uses. This business is about duplication. No reinventing of the wheel.

GDI is a simple and legit business. It is honest work that you can be proud of.

We are looking for people who are self disciplined and dedicated to work on the computer and talk on the phone. That’s it. 

What we do is sell .ws domain sites Are you familiar with domain names?  Well you’ve heard of .net, .org, .com, haven’t you?

Well GDI is the registered owners of the .ws domain. We get paid to refer people to get a .ws domain site that explains this opportunity, so that they can use it to refer others. (Repeat)

But first you need to know exactly what to do to refer others.

The key is to get your phone to ring.

This is done by sending out  the same exact ad that you responded to.      

Let me show you exactly how to do this.  First highlight and copy the ad below

Wow! Take a Look at This!  (Subject)

We Are Always Hiring!

Get Increasing Residual Income!

    For just $10/month, you can start emailing this exact message, that you’re reading right now to anyone in the U.S.A. and get increasing residual income, every month, for the rest of your life! When you start getting sizable checks you can stop sending this message, and your checks will continue to grow! 

    This is no ponze or get rich quick scheme. This is a real business opportunity, Inc. 500 Company. You must have a computer and the commitment to send out this message. Call me now, and in less than 5 minutes I will show you exactly what to do. This is real work. You will love it when your checks that increase each month start to roll in.   Be sure to be at your computer when you call.                                                                                                                                                           

Phone #
(After ad is pasted have new prospect type in your #)

Go to (Pick either one)   Marketplace, Browse Local Classifieds, Location,Home Based    Classifieds, Change , USA, State, Type in Work from Home etc, Jobs


What you just did is the most important part of this job!

When you send 70 to 100 ads/day, you will get at least 5 calls a week,

and that’s being very conservative.

Remember the key is to get your phone to ring so you can share this opportunity with your .ws domain site.  Your site will show the exact same opportunity as mine. 

I will Give you my .ws site to watch in a few moments.

Do you know who would receive the calls on the ones you just sent?

That’s right because my number is at the bottom. In order for you to receive

the calls, you must replace my number with your number.  You

have to become a member in order to get paid for doing that.

Each member in GDI joins on a 7day FREE trial. After the trial period ends you pay only $10/month. Which by the way is a lot cheaper than gas/month for a 9 - 5

That pays for your .ws site that explains this opportunity.

All new members appear instantly in your email.

So, you only have to do is 2 things,

1. Send the ad to generate calls and  2. You must also be able to read this entire script that you are looking at right now so that you will know exactly what to say, when you talk to your new prospects on the phone.

All Referral Agents in this downline do exactly the same thing. Send the ad and read this script.

GDI is a based on duplication. That’s the secret to making your downline grow.  

 Once you start building your team and receiving sizable checks, you will never have to send the ad or read the script to anyone anymore, and your checks will continue to grow due to down line duplication! That is truly amazing!

Now before I give you the my link to see the opportunity.  

Is sending the ad  and reading this script  something you would seriously be interested in doing?

No Well thank you very much for your consideration and best of luck to you.

Yes  Great here’s my link.  ……ws.  Please watch it right away otherwise everything we just talked about will fade away in time.

Pay very close attention to how you get paid,  then you will see

the purpose and true value of this script and the ad.

After you watch the presentation and sign up,  You will need to set up your link to point to the exact presentation that you saw. This is done by Logging in to your back office and selecting Replicated Sites tab on left side about middleways down. Select Rank# 12


Then you will be ready to start sending the ad, reading this script. If you have any questions after joining feel free to give me a call.


I’ll be looking forward to welcoming you on my team.



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